Zhou Hongyi: Internet Fundamentalist

2020-06-04 10:19 | Readtime: 10min

       As a Chinese Internet "veteran", Zhou Hongyi is a well-known "fighter" in the industry. From the establishment of 3721 in 1998 to the collection by Yahoo, and then to the control of Qihoo 360 in 2005, he raised the banner of "free antivirus" and he rushed left and right. The most famous guys on the Internet, he almost "handled". Tencent and 360's pinch has even kidnapped hundreds of millions of users. In Zhou Hongyi, we can appreciate the contradictions and complexity of too many human natures, and also let us see the childlike playfulness and stubbornness. 

   "Internet Fundamentalists"

  Choose a coin, in fact, you have to accept both sides of the coin. At the same time that God gave Jobs talent, he also gave him many personality defects: tyranny, paranoia, product supremacy, technical obsession, and not good at dealing with interpersonal relationships.

  Zhou Hongyi and Jobs have many similarities.

  Zhou Hongyi is an opponent's nightmare, because he can always open his mind first, thinking what ordinary people dare not think, forcing his opponent to innovate as fast as he can. When everyone was thinking about how to make a portal, he took a different approach and killed a 3721 from the address bar; when SNS was all the rage he discovered a sky of Internet security in the lower right corner of the computer-making 360.

  Zhou Hongyi claimed to be an "Internet fundamentalist". He will read it at any time-a big thick book, this is the user feedback information printed by 360 operators every week. At the weekly meeting, the first thing is always to report user problems. Seeing someone else's computer, he couldn't help but fiddle with it and optimize the software. After the optimized computer, the boot time exceeds 1 minute, he will be lost. The most frustrating thing is that if you find that a computer does not have 360 installed, he will install it. The reporters who came to interview him, the neighbors at the meeting, and the cafe owner’s computers were never let go. His personalities are like being born for the Internet. The most important thing is that these personalities are natural. They can't pretend or pretend to be different.

  Zhou Hongyi is like Steve Jobs, and his shortcomings are somewhat similar to Steve Jobs-attacking opponents, making enemies everywhere, doing his own thing. Many of Jobs’ employees were afraid of his bad temper, and Zhou Hongyi was not much better. When he was the president of Yahoo China, Zhou Hongyi spoke at the first meeting. The following employees were using Yahoo Instant Chat or email. Zhou Hongyi asked if he could send e-mails and chats after the meeting, but met with collective opposition from employees. We are reporting to the headquarters that Yahoo's culture is built on instant messaging and e-mail. Zhou was furious. Chinese culture is all about doing what you want. If you don’t turn off the computer, people will throw the computer out of the window. After the contract with Kaspersky expired, Zhou Hongyi, also known as Kaspersky, was exposed to 360 light, causing Kaspersky General Manager Zhang Lishen to write an open letter specifically to him, asking him to "turn back to shore" and wanted to exceed Zhou Hongyi. In fact, after getting together with Kaspersky, Zhou Hongyi doesn't need to be open-mouthed. However, these are not important. Even if Zhou Hongyi loses his temper, we can all tolerate, as long as he continues to innovate, continue to subvert, and move closer to Steve Jobs, China needs this kind of person too much.

   "Cold me because they killed their lives"

  Zhou Hongyi claimed to be a professional fighter, fighting with heaven and earth, and having great fun. Lu Xun "would not be happy without confrontation, but not with armor, even if there is no front to fight, no spear to hold, pick a stone to throw a dog, even in the middle, it is quickly in the chest." And Zhou Hongyi fights against international giants, fights against rivers and lakes, and his peers. He fights with his left hand and right hand.

   Zhou Hongyi's crusade is quite like Lu Xun's style, and he didn't let it go, including himself. He kept fighting with people, and in the process of struggle, he completed his "self-reflection" on his career...

  Zhou Hongyi looked at the war of liberation from his own perspective and made an interesting analysis. He believes that Chiang Kai-shek is an incompetent product manager. Although he is smart and conscientious, he does not find the right users. He only pays attention to the expensive officials in the city. Every day, he is so tired that he does not know that the real users are hundreds of millions of farmers. Mao Zedong knows the real needs of users-farmers don’t care about any struggle, and all users can be impressed by land reform. Therefore, in the end, Mao Zedong defeated Chiang Kai-shek. Therefore, Zhou Hongyi's disdain for opponents and respect for users are extremely extreme. There have been rumors that Zhou Hongyi has "three all": all his own problems are caused by competitors; all negative information is rumor; all competitors' products are unsafe. Zhou Hongyi responded: "All problems raised by users must be traced to the source, find the cause of the problem, and the solution that they want to solve from the user's point of view; all negative information, even the opponent's gun draft, must also find inspiration from which to improve the product. Point; all competitors’ products must have the advantage of learning from.”

There are many screams and curses on him online, and Zhou Hongyi also looks very contemptuous: "Of the 360 million users of 360, less than 1% know who Zhou Hongyi is; even if 1% knows my name, there are 99.99% of them I have never hurt They. So, after all, only 30,000 people have offended me, most of them are the authors of viruses and Trojans, and some are competitors. I was scolded by me because I killed them and let They can’t eat enough.” Because 360 seized 300 million users, it gained an absolute right to speak, which could be exchanged for more commercial value. Zhou Hongyi relied on debunking the industry shady and occupied the commanding heights of morality. Now, users will demand 360 with higher moral standards. "The greater the capability, the greater the responsibility". When the company has done a great deal, it is not just a problem of fighting with its opponents, but it is really social responsibility. Tencent and Alibaba are facing this problem: how to control and Control yourself. What 360 wants to do now is not to proudly wave the machine gun in his hand.

   It would be lonely without fighting

   mentioned the US Army four-star general Smith Barton because Zhou Hongyi is still a warrior, who is both passionate about CS and studying judo. At the same time, there is another important reason, that is, I hope that the Patton-style tragedy will not repeat itself in Zhou Hongyi-Patton's publicity will be magnified into a hero during the war, but it is intolerable by the world in peacetime.

  Zhou Hongyi's office is very special. There is no computer, and many emails are printed by assistants. He used his eyes too much when he was young and can't stare at the screen for too long now. In his office, there is a stereo worth 3 million yuan, and he likes to listen to Ma Youyou's cello.

  However, the most eye-catching thing is the sheets of target paper hanging on the wall. This is his achievement in live ammunition. The bullseye was beaten. It is also an exaggerated way for the office owner to show his personality to the guests. He also engaged in a live-action CS training base of more than 500 acres in Huairou, a suburb of Beijing, called "360 Special Forces Training Base." There are street fighting, there are field battles, the various departments of 360 are here for team development training, and they also specially hired veteran special forces as instructors. Zhou Hongyi's private email account also starts with AK47.

   For Shang Wu and the aggressive Zhou Hongyi, he should admire Patton. Post-war Patton is actually very difficult to integrate into a peaceful life: he is unobstructed and often pushes himself into a dead end; his insults to the Soviet messengers in the face made the government a headache; his appreciation of German soldiers became more targeted. Many times, Button has no battles and is very lonely and can only live in his own memories.

  Zhou Hongyi has always had battles, and everywhere he went there was a smoky smoke. He and Li Baihong, the boss of Baidu, robbed the business of the lawsuit; and Ma Yun, the boss of Alibaba, "blocked" each other; grabbed the site of Ding Lei, the owner of NetEase; Even better, he even fought against CNNIC, the national team that registers on the website.

   Some people say that if Zhou Hongyi converges a little, he may have already made a listed company. Of course, in the past and regardless, what must happen now is that 360 is now playing the role of destruction and subversion in the antivirus industry, but then it will inevitably be the reconstruction of order. At that time, peace is more needed than smoke. What tests Zhou Hongyi is the Internet spirit Another important point in the project is cooperation.

  The originator of rogue software

  Zhou Hongyi and Shi Yuzhu each understood in their own fields what the contemporary Chinese people most need. They did not try to explain the principles and guide them, but to adapt accurately. They are not the best in the industry, but they are the most familiar with consumer psychology, and know how to package and market their products.

   Zhou Hongyi and Shi Yuzhu are indeed very similar. They all had a trough in their careers, but they were able to quickly recover their vitality and reposition themselves. They are all obsessed with entrepreneurship and like to grow their businesses like sons from head to toe. What’s more important is that they can understand the Chinese market very well, and can always go through various complex appearances and concentrate the artillery fire directly at the weak points. And do your own thing, be informal and laugh at others. Shi Yuzhu did melatonin and journey and was almost drowned by saliva. Zhou Hongyi did 3721 and 360, but it was not much better. However, you can't help but sigh, they have captured the essence of the product. 3721 is a product created by Zhou Hongyi who is also a god and a demon. 3721 created a model of using client software to promote Internet services, and became the originator of rogue software. It can be said to release the evil of life.

  In 2002, Zhou Hongyi's 3721 revenue exceeded 140 million yuan and net profit exceeded 60 million yuan. At that time, Zhou Hongyi spent a lot of money and spent 20 million yuan on hitting the Spring Festival Gala, "It's easier to go online in Chinese no matter what happens. In contrast, in 2002, Ma Yun's Alibaba, Li Yanhong's Baidu, and Ding Lei's NetEase and other companies were still on the dividing line between bankruptcy and profitability. Even if there is a profit, it is only a few million yuan, which is not an order of magnitude. So when the 3721 was sold, Zhou Hongyi felt extremely lost and reluctant. This feeling would not be much better than Shi Yuzhu's giant failure. At that time, Yahoo China was selecting talents at that time, and fancy Zhou Hongyi and Li Yanhong. Li Yanhong insisted on Baidu, and Zhou Hongyi, who had sold the company and was in pain, entered Yahoo China. Since then, fate has been divided into two ends, Li Yanhong grasped Baidu's development direction and successfully listed. After Baidu went public in August 2005, Zhou Hongyi once publicly expressed his acceptance of Baidu's choice of independent development. "Selling a good company like 3721 to foreign companies has proved to be a mistake."

  , like Shi Yuzhu, is almost obsessed with creating a business, so even though he joined IDG and is also an angel investor, everyone can see that he wants to come back and want to start his own business. "IDG should only be a transitional stage for Zhou Hongyi. We believe that he will eventually return to the entrepreneurial team." In 2005, IDG partner Li Jianguang once predicted that. Soon after, Zhou Hongyi returned with 360 high-profile!



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