Zhu Chunping entrepreneurial history

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When his peers still looked naive and gave his parents money for New Year's, he had already made tens of thousands of yuan; when his peers were still complaining about the low part-time income, he had already shivered by counting the money; when his peers were still raising wages When he was troubled, he led the company to attack the Nasdaq market. 

   High school as a programmer: the first order earned 8000 yuan

  Zhu Chunping was born in a peasant family in the suburbs of Hangzhou in 1981. Since childhood, he was full of curiosity and always likes to ask why when he has questions. At that time, Zhu Chunping also showed a strong sense of business. At that time, there were many green stones in the grandpa village, which looked like glass and shone brightly, which was very beautiful. Every time Zhu Chunping went to play at his grandfather’s house, he picked some beautiful green stones and took them to his village to exchange small things such as electric motors, electric cars and razors with other children.

   When he was in junior high school, Zhu Chunping had already been exposed to things with a certain level of technology. Game consoles and Xiaobawang learning machines left a deep impression on him. The real contact with the computer was in the third year of the junior year. At that time, there were few computers and only large units had them. Fortunately, an uncle Zhu Chunping was a teacher in middle school and had a computer in the school. With this opportunity, he met the computer for the first time. At that time, no one thought that Zhu Chunping could not leave it without touching it until today.

  Schools use computers during the day, and Zhu Chunping goes to "touch" when no one is using it at night. When he first started drawing and writing on the computer, he sometimes played Tetris games. Over time, Zhu Chunping became more familiar with computers and liked them more and more. During this time, he also read some simple computer programming books.

  Just like that, Zhu Chunping began to learn programming on the computer. Learning while practicing, Zhu Chunping's programming level has improved rapidly. At that time, he has begun to compile some data, transcripts, archives document query, and class scheduling procedures for the school.

  The experience of junior high school was not wasted. When he was in high school, Zhu Chunping was already famous in school. One day, a teacher introduced him to a business to develop a personnel and asset management system for Lin'an Tea City. The teacher was the person in charge and Zhu Chunping was the assistant.

   has been busy for more than two months. The enterprise gave Zhu Chunping's teacher 30,000 yuan and the teacher gave Zhu Chunping 8,000 yuan. At the moment when the money was received, Zhu Chunping jumped with joy. He had never seen so much money, and at that time most of his peers were still asking their parents for living expenses.

   Sophomore making a small movie: monthly income exceeds 200,000

  In the third year of high school, the students were desperately doing exercises and reviewing their homework, but Zhu Chunping spent most of his time on the computer. At that time, the school uniformed evening self-study, and Zhu Chunping often slipped out and immersed himself in the computer world. At that time, being able to enter the university was the unanimous goal of both teachers and parents, and Zhu Chunping's "doing nothing right" was obsessed with playing computers, which gradually aroused the teachers' "attention".

  As soon as the teacher walked into the classroom, he first looked at Zhu Chunping's presence. If not, he asked the students to even "catch" him. Everyone knows that he is playing computer in the dormitory and will not go to other places.

  Once, Zhu Chunping became addicted to playing computer in the dormitory. When the teacher walked into the dormitory, he didn't even know it. When he was excited, he laughed and leaned forward and back, while the teacher had stood in front of him for several minutes.

  Zhu Chunping didn't review his homework, and the whole thing of playing the computer finally reached his parents' ears. At one time, his parents "confiscated" his computer.

   In fact, Zhu Chunping was not just playing games on a computer at the time, he also had his own plan: to develop and write better programs than books.

  Due to his own goals, Zhu Chunping did not pay much attention to whether he could enter the university at that time. Without mental stress, the effect of his review of his homework is exceptionally good. At the moment when the college entrance examination scores came down, the teachers and classmates were stunned. No one expected that Zhu Chunping, who often did not take self-study classes, could be admitted to the Computer Department of Zhejiang University.

   In September 2001, Zhu Chunping enrolled in school, where he met more computer masters, some knew computer hardware well, and some were confident in programming.

   And this year the Internet bubble in the United States reached its peak, and the campus of Zhejiang University is also filled with the frenzy of the Internet. At the time, as soon as someone created an English website and threw it up, American companies immediately paid for it. Many students around Zhu Chunping earned their first pot of gold in this way, some became millionaires, and some even became multimillionaires.

   Zhu Chunping did not take this "ordinary road" like other students, he sensitively smelled another huge business opportunity. He found at school that many students like to watch entertainment videos, but at that time the Internet was not very developed, and entertainment videos were not easy to find. Zhu Chunping thought, if he can provide similar products, he will definitely get angry.

   So, he went to some audio-visual stores, bought some movies and entertainment video discs, and converted them into online entertainment videos through technology. Then he found the Zhejiang office of the TOM website.

   The TOM website is an enterprise owned by the Chinese richest man Li Ka-shing. It was listed in Hong Kong in March 2000. In 2002, the mainland did not yet have a relatively strong portal website. In this case, the TOM website is the dominant one, and its business is flourishing and flourishing.

  Zhu Chunping proposed to TOM website the intention of doing entertainment video together. His idea is very simple, that is to provide video content and develop a program, TOM website as a platform, users enter the mobile phone number in this program, you can see the movie content. Then, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding fee from the consumer's mobile phone card, and the fee paid by the user will be shared by TOM website and Zhu Chunping according to a certain percentage.

   TOM website partners soon came the news from the headquarters that they can cooperate. In this way, Zhu Chunping started the entertainment video business in the second year of college.

  Because there were few entertainment methods at that time, the entertainment video business was very popular. At that time, each customer paid 30 yuan per month, and Zhu Chunping could get 4.5 yuan. According to this calculation, Zhu Chunping's monthly income is more than 200,000 yuan during the six months of cooperation between the two sides.

   At that time, Zhu Chunping was still studying on campus. Every month he counted his money and he was shaking. Zhu Chunping, who had never seen so much money before, saw that he was making money so quickly.

   Juniors do "home school": make wedding dresses for others

In 2003, Zhu Chunping emerged, and a program architecture diagram emerged in his mind, that is, the school students’ grades and living conditions were reflected in the parents’ mobile phones through computer language, and they could be communicated in batches, and the parents could also The information you want to know is fed back to the school teacher. In fact, this is equivalent to providing a communication platform for schools and parents.

  Through this platform, parents can keep abreast of the child's situation. Students have a campus pass card, and there is a detector at the door of the school. When the student walks in or out of the school, parents can receive the information that the child has safely entered or walked out of the school. If parents want to know other things about their children, they will send a message to the school. If there are many such parents, the school will publish the children's information in a unified manner.

   And this system also provides great convenience to the school. When the school publishes student scores, parents do not need to give their children test papers (if the child’s test scores are not satisfactory, he is unwilling to give the test papers to the parents) to know how many points his child has received; Send a message, almost all parents can receive, individual parents who did not apply for this business, the teacher will call to notify.

  After a simple investigation, Zhu Chunping found that this business is highly respected by parents. Immediately, he began to develop day and night. Soon after the system went offline, Zhu Chunping gave the system a nice name-"Home and School". Zhu Chunping's profit model is very simple. Parents apply for the "home-school pass" business, with a monthly fee of 15 yuan. The profits are shared by Zhu Chunping and the operator in proportion.

   Everything is ready, only Dongfeng owes, and now as long as the operator is willing to cooperate and the school is willing to accept, everything will be fine. He immediately found operators such as China Telecom and China Mobile in Hangzhou to discuss cooperation.

   originally thought that the operator would readily agree, but Zhu Chunping was wrong. Every time he went to talk to someone, these oil-rich departments did not take him seriously. Every time he negotiated, he was taken to the conference room. He wanted to tell these people what cooperation would bring to the other party and how much profit it would bring.

   However, these are all forms and are superficial phenomena. The most important thing is that he did not understand the "unspoken rules" at that time-to give benefits to the relevant persons in charge.

Later, he understood the unspoken rules, but every time he delivered something, people would be very nervous, because he was sending something bigger, such as gifts, moon cakes, etc., he carried a big box in the corridor of his company. Waiting for half an hour, this made the other person very embarrassed, and everyone around him looked at him with cold eyes.

   Later, Zhu Chunping discovered a pattern. He saw that those people were fat, wearing decent clothes, and then taking a briefcase to give gifts was very easy. In this way, he no longer gave big gifts to gifts, but changed to shopping cards, movie tickets, coupons and so on.

At that time, Zhu Chunping was still a junior student, thin, in order not to let the other party see the "bottom" of his company, when negotiating, Zhu Chunping said he was a company technician, so others thought his boss was very good At the beginning, he will not be taken lightly.

       Working hard to pay attention, Zhu Chunping persuaded the operator, and then began to find a school. Schools are more difficult to convince than operators, because operators can make money and generally agree, but schools do not use profit for the purpose, they can only make money, and may not be able to agree. At the same time, there are still many schools worried that this will increase the burden on school teachers, and even suspected of arbitrary charges.

   found a lot of schools, Zhu Chunping hit the wall, just in despair, an acquaintance introduced him to Hangzhou Foreign Language School. This is a noble school in Hangzhou. Parents here are more concerned about the situation of their children in the school. The school principal is also very enlightened.

  Zhu Chunping kept "lobbying", and with the help of acquaintances, the principal finally agreed that Zhu Chunping could try his products. In this way, Zhu Chunping's "home-school communication" finally entered the market. Seeing that Hangzhou Foreign Languages School is doing, other schools are slowly accepting Zhu Chunping's project. The product has opened the market. In 2004, the year of Zhu Chunping's senior year, he registered Hangzhou Wanlan Technology Co., Ltd. with 1 million yuan earned from making small movies, specializing in the "home school" business. At that time, Zhu Chunping also changed his QQ signature to "Father of "Home School".

  However, he was too happy. Although the "home-school communication" business was novel and was sought after by some parents and venture capital, at that time, more parents did not understand it. The school also thought that this would add chaos to teachers and the media did not recognize it. Zhu Chunping spent 1 million yuan, and the business did not improve. In 2005, the first year after Zhu Chunping graduated, his company was acquired by Hangzhou-listed company Zhejiang University for a new price of 500,000 yuan.

Now Zheda.com has more than 3 million parents and users, and each family is 9 yuan per month. With this business alone, Zheda.com has a monthly turnover of 27 million yuan and a net profit of more than 10 million yuan, but all this Has nothing to do with Zhu Chunping.

  Graduation for international communications: covering 180 countries

   "Bitterly hate the gold thread every year to make wedding clothes for others." After selling the company, Zhu Chunping looked at the business he founded by himself and became a tool for others to make money. It was very sad. The West Lake in Feiyuetian was full of different styles, but in his eyes it was completely overshadowed.

  Become used to being a boss, and then go to work as a wage earner. Zhu Chunping's heart is like overturning the five-flavored bottle, sour and sweet and bitter. At the same time, many recruiters saw that he had been a boss before and thought that he would not stay long before they directly rejected him.

  Finally, a Hangzhou power company "accommodated" Zhu Chunping and asked him to be an engineer with an annual salary of 300,000 yuan. The main development program for remote meter reading is that the power company can see the user's meter number without sending employees. This is a very new technology, but Zhu Chunping did not go there after staying there for three days.

   The company went to work at 10 in the morning and left at 12 in the evening. It was very stressful. Zhu Chunping saw that the engineers there were very haggard. He did not wash his hair for several days and his clothes were dirty. In the end, Zhu Chunping left not only because of this, but because of an Anhui-based company that does "home-school communication".

   At that time, the company in Anhui had just contacted "Home-School Link", and many technical problems could not be dealt with by themselves, so they found Zhu Chunping. When Zhu Chunping arrived, many technical problems were solved by him, so this company hired Zhu Chunping as an engineer, and came to him if he had technical problems. The monthly salary is 1,500 yuan. After more than a year of hesitation, Zhu Chunping smelled business opportunities again in 2007, and he started his own business again.

   One day, while chatting with a management company of ZTE Corporation in Shenzhen, Zhu Chunping confided to him that he could not talk in Africa. After hearing this, Zhu Chunping immediately sniffed out the business opportunities. At this time, Zhu Chunping had experience, technology, connections, and projects. As a result, he immediately registered with Zhejiang Wanlan Co., Ltd. to start foreign communication business for some African countries, and also developed some software for domestic enterprises. So far, Zhu Chunping's international short message service has covered 800 operator networks in 180 countries around the world, providing Chinese and international operators with an operating platform and SMS point-to-point landing services, voice roaming services, roaming services, etc.

  Now do "Unification e Province": Want to surpass Alipay

  Looking at Zhu Chunping's accomplishments, a Zhejiang investment company wants to invest in him, and Zhu Chunping also suffers from a shortage of funds and is difficult to grow. In this way, in 2009, the two parties registered 10 million yuan of funds and jointly established Zhejiang Xinwanlan Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Chunping served as the company's president, and this year he was only 28 years old.

  Due to work reasons, Zhu Chunping often socializes outside, but he finds it difficult to find a satisfying restaurant to eat. As for the hotel's discounts and the like, he knows little about it. How to solve this problem? One day, Zhu Chunping suddenly thought of an operating model, that is, "unification of the province".

   This business is very simple, it is to be a "bridge" between consumers and businesses. Zhu Chunping has developed a system in which merchants provide their companies with information about their discounts and the company sends these information and electronic coupons to consumers’ mobile phones. Consumers can enjoy merchant discounts with electronic coupons.

  The vast development space and good practical effects have attracted venture capital companies. On May 18, 2009, the Swedish Investment Group announced an investment of US$65 million in Hangzhou to assist Zhu Chunping in developing this project. With the support of funds, Zhu Chunping was more confident, he wanted this business to be officially launched this year. At present, Zhu Chunping and his team are inviting investment for this project, which is to let agents in various places to develop local businesses and consumers, and then share profits with Xin Wanlan. Now more than 40 agents across the country have successfully joined.

In fact, such a business market has already appeared, such as Microsoft China and other companies are also operating, but there is no large-scale spread. Zhu Chunping wanted to occupy the market before other companies had formed.

For the future, his goal is very simple. First, he hopes that the transaction volume of “Tong e Province” will exceed Alipay with nearly 300 billion yuan per year. Go public



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