Kikuchi: Approaching the other side of success day by day

2020-06-05 08:44 | Readtime: 4min

       That year, after graduating from college, he tried many jobs and always felt unsatisfactory. Finally, he reluctantly entered a company and was in charge of selling books and materials in English. 

  At this time, it was the best time to work. After nearly 10 years of working, he became more and more boring, he quit his job and went home, rented a 10 square meter apartment, and lived a free life as an otaku. Next, for almost a year, he had nothing to do all day and could not find the direction of his efforts. He simply relied on watching TV to live his life and watching soap operas one after another.

   Finally one day, he felt the TV program was boring too. Unbearably unbearable, he simply went out to hang out, casually reached a bookstore, and accidentally turned to an entry-level English conversation book. Unexpectedly, this thin booklet has changed his life since then. Track.

He bought the book back. With only a little knowledge of English, it took him three days to read it. A sense of long-term accomplishment suddenly came to his mind. The boring days seemed to become interesting at once. stand up. So, he had a whim, wanted to challenge himself, and ran out to buy English magazines such as Time and Newsweek.

   This time, he found in frustration that almost half of the words were not recognized. After spending so long at home, without friends and work, he was almost isolated from the world and began to dig into various English magazines. When he encountered words he did not understand, he turned over a second-hand English that he bought for 500 yen Japanese dictionary. In order to remember more words, apart from buying books and daily necessities, he rarely left his snail dwelling and spent all his time studying.

At first, he reads about 50 words for every page he reads. He couldn’t find it in the small dictionary at home. He couldn’t afford the big dictionary. He had to go to the bookstore every few days to read the big dictionary . He felt so embarrassed that he had been there more times. In order to overcome the guilt of shame and "stealing knowledge in the shop", he had to hide while hiding and reading quickly. Unexpectedly, this unusual way of searching made him deepen his memory, and every word he checked would be memorable.

   This crazy life of studying secretly, he spent 7 years. In September 2011, he took a try attitude and took the TOEIC test for the first time. It is unbelievable that he had almost no preparation, and he actually scored 970 points at once. At that time, he found that the test questions were too simple, and even doubted whether the examiner had taken the wrong test paper.

After   , he became a professional tester. He took the TOEIC test more than 50 times in a row, and his score never fell below 970 points, and the highest score reached more than 990 points. A reporter came to interview him specifically, calling him "English monster". Soon, many schools came to visit, attracted him as an English teacher, scored dozens of TOEIC scores, enough to prove his knowledge, and became the only "weapon" to distinguish him from other English teachers.

  He is Kikuchi from Japan. The 52-year-old is now a household name in Japan. His schedule is always full, he is busy with training classes every day, and teaches students the exclusive "secret recipe" of "Home at Home Middle School English". In his free time, he continued to work hard and wrote a book called "Crazy in English". As soon as this book was published, it was sought after by many English lovers. Those who are preparing to take the TOEIC test are even more manual. Today, the book has been reprinted three times in a row, reaching more than 2,000 volumes at the highest daily sales volume, setting a new record for the sales of English materials.

   There are more and more fans who like to follow Kikuchi, and someone always asks him the secret of his success. In this regard, Kikuchi likes to reply with a passage written in the book: "Want to learn a new language, whether you are 13 years old, 51 years old or 91 years old, no matter what occupation you are in, age is never a problem As long as you choose your goals and persevere, you will be close to the other side of success every day. In fact, not only learning English, doing everything is the same, and not making excuses for laziness. Start to act, this is the best time!



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