Yang Dongping: History of Small Home Economics

2020-06-05 08:44 | Readtime: 5min

       After he graduated from the 18-year-old vocational high school, he went to a construction site to work, and he accidentally discovered a business opportunity. Now, his housekeeping service company has more than 40 franchise stores across the country, and he has also extended the cleaning business to the Great Hall of the People... 

  In November 1980, Yang Dongping was born in an ordinary peasant family in Taishan Village, Hemian Town, Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province.

  After graduating from Luxian Construction Vocational Technical High School, 18-year-old Yang Dongping came to work at a construction site in Yibin. At that time, every time a building was completed on the construction site, cleaners were invited to dispose of construction waste, but the results of the work were hardly satisfactory. Yang Dongping thought that it would be better to start a business by owning a housekeeping service enterprise to serve the city.

   In 1999, Yang Dongping returned to his hometown of Luzhou, rented a 6-square-meter facade, and registered Luzhou’s first housekeeping service enterprise-Xiaobei Housekeeping Service Center in Jiangyang District, Luzhou City. Unable to recruit workers, Yang Dongping walked to the street with a broom and a bucket in hand. When he saw the favorite person, he asked, "I'm doing housekeeping services, would you like to work with me?" Yang Dongping stayed up late to write leaflets, which were distributed door to door during the day. In Luzhou ten years ago, the citizens felt that the housekeeping was too new. An elder sister persuaded: "Young man, what's the future of cleaning?"

  During the three months of opening, Yang Dongping did not have a single business and made no money. On his 20th birthday, Yang Dongping had only one yuan left. At this time, the phone rang: A company asked Yang Dongping to clear the weeds. The first remuneration was not enough to pay the workers’ wages, but it proved that there was market demand. He decided to provide free housekeeping services. He found a shopping mall in Luzhou. When a purchase reaches more than 300 yuan at a time, "Little Bee" provides free housekeeping service once. Later, Yang Dongping also launched: order a "Luzhou Evening News", send housekeeping service once... In a while, "little bees" flew into thousands of households, and the business also expanded to more than 20 such as babysitting, confinement nursing, elderly care, etc. This project has become a large-scale limited company. Yang Dongping, who is only 23 years old, is very demanding about the details of his work. "Little Bee" employees must knock gently before entering the door, and wear shoe covers first after entering the door; after cleaning, workers should wear white gloves to check... It is such demanding details that eventually brought Yang Dongping a steady stream customer of.

   In 2004, Yang Dongping flew from Kunming to Xiamen. When getting off the plane, Yang Dongping squatted and stared at a coffee seal on the seat cover to tell the flight attendant that he had a way to remove this stain. When the new seat cover appeared, the captain admired it. Later, Yang Dongping showed his cards: he hoped to contract the cleaning of all the aircraft on this route.

  With unremitting efforts, Yang Dongping won the cleaning work of 17 aircrafts on this route in one fell swoop.

  In September 2005, 25-year-old Yang Dongping attended the award ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People as the “National Leader of Getting Rich in Rural Areas” by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. During this period, Yang Dongping discovered that there were some stubborn stains on the carpet of the Great Hall of the People. After the ceremony, Yang Dongping went straight to the management department of the Great Hall: "I can help you remove the stains on the carpet."

  His tools are perfect, and his cleaning is also very skillful. The carpet was clean and the other party was convinced. Yang Dongping finally won the cleaning work in 16 local halls of the Great Hall of the People. Later, Yang Dongping made persistent efforts to include the regular cleaning contract in the Great Hall of the People's Great Hall and the Lushan Sanatorium of the National People's Congress.

   develops step by step. Yang Dongping's Little Bee Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. currently has 42 chain stores nationwide, with more than 26,000 customers and an annual profit of more than 7 million yuan. After his success, Yang Dongping always remembered one sentence: the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. The company recruits ordinary employees, all of which are laid-off workers and migrant workers, which effectively helps the government ease the pressure of "difficult employment". At the same time, Yang Dongping also led the establishment of the "Luzhou Youth Entrepreneurship Association", which has helped more than 100 outstanding youths to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship. For his hometown, Yang Dongping spared no effort. The local villager Li Xihong has a difficult family, two children study, and his wife is sick. Yang Dongping said, "Lao Li, come to my company to work, pay your salary in advance and everything will be fine!"

  So far, more than 200 villagers in this village have been working in "little bees", have received service skills training, and live a healthy life.

  Now 29-year-old Yang Dongping said energetically: "I firmly believe that the small bee housekeeping chain will become the first brand of China's political chain!"



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