Ding Zhizhong: Anta’s entrepreneurial story

2020-06-05 08:45 | Readtime: 4min

      Ding Zhizhong, 37-year-old president of Anta (China) Co., Ltd., native of Chendai Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. As the first domestic sports shoe company to advertise with sports stars, Ding Zhizhong, president of Anta, is known as the "first to eat crabs". 

In less than 10 years, Ding Zhizhong has left thousands of competitors around Anta's town behind. "Anta is bigger and Ding Zhizhong is not easy to see now." said a Shishi businessman who has been making sportswear since 1983. His "Haojian" brand sportswear annual sales are about 100 million.

   Ding Zhizhong became the true local shoe king, but he did not become the president of the local shoe association. "He has a domineering in his bones, not easy to deal with." A local media reporter said. He has never been willing to accommodate others. According to locals, if it is something that he does not want to do but cannot do, another shoe owner in Jinjiang, Ding Shuibo, the founder of Xtep, will choose to do it, while Ding Zhizhong will Will simply refuse.

Perhaps because of this, in 2006 when Quanzhou (Jinjiang was affiliated with Quanzhou) selected the president of the Footwear Association, Ding Zhizhong, who was the leader of the Jinjiang footwear industry, was originally the best choice for the president, but it attracted a lot of opposition and finally took this The seat is Ding Shuibo.

"Ding Zhizhong is a person with a closed heart in personality. Only a few good friends can understand his inner thoughts. Most people, even the director of his company, may not even know what he is thinking." A person who has worked with Ding Zhizhong for many years said. Why can this "not easy to deal with" businessman surpass more than 3,000 Jinjiang shoe companies and become a wealth star in this labor-intensive industry?

  The summer when junior high school graduated, 17-year-old Ding Zhizhong proposed to go to Beijing to develop, the family did not understand. His father asked him to give reasons. Ding Zhizhong said that every day outsiders took money to buy things, they could buy almost anything. Why don’t we take the initiative to sell Jinjiang’s products?

  Dingfu's shoe factory was also just established at that time, the economy was not affluent, but was persuaded by his son, he took out more than 10,000 yuan, and Ding Zhizhong bought 600 pairs of Jinjiang shoes to sell in Beijing.

In order to place Jinjiang's goods at the counter of Xidan Shopping Center in Beijing, Ding Zhizhong went to the people in the shopping mall every day. At the beginning, others said that they disagreed and said to him, "How old are you, just run out and do business?" The scalp said that he was 20 years old, and no one believed it. Regardless of other people's faces, he particularly sincerely introduced the advantages of Jinjiang's products. After more than a month of continuous visits, the people in the mall finally agreed to go to Jinjiang to see. Ding Zhizhong was so happy that he quickly returned to Jinjiang to prepare. Finally, in all the big shopping malls in Beijing, Ding Zhizhong won a special counter for Jinjiang's shoe factory.

   But in 1991, Ding Zhizhong returned to Jinjiang again. It turned out that the low price of Jinjiang shoes in Beijing deeply stimulated Ding Zhizhong. At that time, a considerable part of the more famous shoes such as "Qingdao Double Star" and Shanghai Torch had been produced in Jinjiang, indicating that there was no problem with the quality of Jinjiang goods.

  With 200,000 yuan earned in four years, Ding Zhizhong reopened his factory in Jinjiang. At that time, his idea was already clear: he must make the enterprise bigger and start the brand. In 1999, a domestic shoe industry advertising war and sports star wars were born, Ding Zhizhong became the first person to eat crabs. 1.6 million, "I choose, I like", Kong Linghui became the spokesperson for Anta's image for two years; 5 million, the budget price for advertising on CCTV. As a result, with Kong Linghui's outstanding performance in the Olympics and his highly personalized "I choose, I like", Anta quickly completed the brand establishment and spread, and greatly promoted the growth of the market.



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