The toilet can also be art

2020-06-05 08:45 | Readtime: 3min

       The toilet is always hidden in the bathroom, it is difficult to reach the elegant hall, but it is a necessary item for life. Now there is a fashion wind attacking the toilet, so the content of home decoration has added new connotation: to reveal the owner's taste in the privacy of the bathroom, the toilet must show the owner's personality and taste. 

   If there is an art toilet specialty store, the door is a huge toilet lid, and the store is the toilet world: deep sea park water plants and fish, passionate desert oasis, funny comics, scary monsters and other toilets. Sit on the pink toilet-shaped sofa and pick an artistic toilet to go home, giving a new touch to your life. I believe that such an art toilet shop will surely attract many consumers to stop and wait and see, and satisfy the internal desires of those who are full of life and innovation, and will also bring considerable benefits to the operators.

  Investment Analysis

  If the selected toilet is only made of ordinary materials, then the shop can be opened with an investment of 250,000 yuan.

The approximate budget is as follows: rent, pre-payment of 40,000 yuan a year (different in each city), order 500 ordinary toilets, calculated at 200 yuan each, a total of 100,000 yuan; 2 computers, because of the design drawings, the latest configuration of. Cost 20,000 yuan; 4 designers, monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, if the table knows the art, this fee can be waived; 3 service staff, monthly salary of 800 yuan, a total of 2400 yuan, pre-publication and advertising costs 50,000 yuan ; Plus drawing, decorative materials, office supplies, etc., about 250,000 yuan.

  The price of art toilets can range from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. This is mainly determined by the materials used. Most toilets are suitable for ordinary families and are easy to replace. Like the newspaper version of the toilet, a newspaper made of a special plastic will be put on the toilet, and the news on it will make people laugh.

  Shop opening tips

   The popularity of art toilets will take some time, so don't rush to make profits at the beginning of the store and give customers a psychological acceptance period. In the early stage, it is better to expand the influence and attract popularity through the forms of publicity sheets and newspaper advertisements. In the new real estate area, it is necessary to increase publicity.

Can organize powerful marketing activities: invite first-class designers to design "future toilets", singers to sing praises for the "toilet", tea ceremony artists, flower arrangers, pianists to sit on the "toilet" performing arts, etc. This brand new The concept of advertising promotion may not only change people's views on the "toilet", but also have the effect of "turning decay into magic", making the artistic toilet attract more people to watch, making them realize the inner beauty of the artistic toilet, thus making them There is an urge to buy art toilets.

  The procurement of toilets is very important, which is an important part to determine the profitability. It is best to order directly from the manufacturer, so that you can get the lowest price.

  Toilet shop needs to have art space, began to operate the store in accordance with the principle of instilling new ideas to customers. The layout of the store should be unique, and it is best to be related to the toilet. If the owner is very expert in art design and room decoration, it will be handy to start this business. The art toilet is a change in the concept of life, and it is not a playful drawing game, so it may not rule out the possibility of becoming the mainstream of life.



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