Liu Jinfang: "Grazing Village" is a source of wealth

2020-06-05 08:46 | Readtime: 3min

        Liu Jinfang originally wanted to contract a piece of land for agricultural development. After practice, she found that the money for agricultural development was not easy to make. By chance, she transformed her farm into a "grazing village", but unexpectedly let her make a profit. 

   "Wheat seedlings are leeks." This is a joke among children in big cities. It really reflects the reality that children in big cities now know very little about rural and agricultural knowledge. A girl named Liu Jinfang from Hefei City, Anhui Province, realized the business opportunities from this fashion trend, and set up a "grazing village" near the urban area of Hefei to win a lot of money.

  Wonderful imagination   engage in agricultural development

  In 2005, when 27-year-old Liu Jinfang visited a relative in the countryside, he suddenly wondered: "Why not go to the countryside to contract a piece of land and engage in agricultural development?"

   In the summer of 2005, the barren mountains contracted by Liu Jinfang had undergone earth-shaking changes. Rows of lush greenery trees were growing happily. Fruit trees all over the mountains and fields were blooming. However, when she took the watermelon from the mountain to the mountain and sold it, because these fruits belonged to "big goods", they did not sell for a good price. Liu Jinfang was at a loss, and she realized that the money for agricultural development was not easy to make.

  When Liu Jinfang was distressed, he suddenly found that some high school students in the urban area of Hefei often ran to the farm to play, and often stepped forward to help her work, showing great interest in farm work. One day, Liu Jinfang asked several high school students who came to help with farming work: "How are you interested in farming work?" They said, "I'm tired of reading and studying. The body is also close to nature and serves two purposes. Not only are the high school students in our school wanting to do farm work, the students in many other schools have this desire, but there is no place in the city for us to do farm work."

  Transition on the way Run "Grazing Village"

The speaker is unintentional and the listener is interested. Liu Jinfang has been thinking about the development direction of the farm. After listening to the words of these high school students, she said: Why don’t you make the farm a "grazing village"? Let the students in the city come here Do farm work, carry out labor exercises, get close to nature, you only need to provide them with tools to do farm work, and charge entrance fees, can you get a lot of money, sitting on the ground to collect money?

After all the facilities were ready, Liu Jinfang's "Grazing Village" opened. She first started to ask someone to write a leaflet, which reads: 2 yuan per day for adults, half fee for children, 20% discount for students, military 1. Disabled persons are free of charge. Then, it began to be distributed to various organs, groups and schools.

  In October 2006, the Hefei Science and Technology Commission and the Education Commission jointly held the Wilderness Survival Challenge. Because Liu Jinfang’s leisure farm had a reputation for student quality education, this competition was scheduled to be held at Liu Jinfang’s farm. Liu Jinfang successfully completed the reception task of the competition, she earned a lot of money, and her reputation was even greater.



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